Arminder Dhillon

Arminder Singh Dhillon, 17, invented the Boot Buddy – a portable boot cleaner consisting of a brush, scraper, and water container in one – when he was 11 years old.

His business idea was born when he grew frustrated with spending countless hours trying to clean his muddy football boots with a hose, toothbrush and knife. Aged 15 he appeared on Dragon’s Den with his family and became the youngest person ever to receive backing from the Dragons when Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Touker Suleyman invested £20,000 for a 10% share of the business.

When he’s not studying for his A Levels, Arminder speaks at various business events, most recently at Peter Jones’ Enterprise Festival (EntFest). Arminder’s team have plans for further expansion into additional markets as well as launching useful new variations such as Paw Buddy, an adaptation for cleaning your pet’s muddy paws. In 2018 he won the Horners Bottlemakers Award and was listed on TransferWise’s ‘20 Under 20’ list.