Christian Steele

Christian Steele, 24, is the co-founder of Wash Doctors, an on-demand car valeting app, which he launched with Will Mapstone (also 24) in 2017, two years after graduating from UCL.

The company’s goal is to revolutionise the car maintenance industry by utilising the waterless wash process developed through water droughts in California. This process enables a car to be fully washed and waxed using only 0.5 litres of water, with no run off into the water supply. Furthermore, the app’s technology means a car owner does not even need to be present when their car is being serviced – they simply pinpoint the car’s location on a map and the Wash Doctors turn up.

The company operates in Wandsworth and across London. In November 2018 they were crowned Best New Business at the Wandsworth Business Awards. Christian and Will will be sharing the story of their business with students as part of Wandsworth Enterprise Month’s School’s Week programme.