Business basics intensive workshop for 16–30 year olds

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This workshop by Business Launchpad is for aspiring or early-stage entrepreneurs aged 16–30 who have an idea for a business and would like help to get it started.

The aim of this session is to equip you with the tools, confidence and knowledge needed to start your business successfully.

Rather than writing business plans that rarely materialise, you will use business modelling techniques that will help you create a picture of how your business intends to get off the ground and start to make money.

In this workshop you will learn about:



  • Start-up and ongoing business costs
  • Pricing your product or service to make profit
  • Starting up a business on a limited budget



  • Who your target market is
  • What is unique about your product or service that will make people buy
  • How to reach your customers and win their business



  • Key activities and resources for your business success
  • Key partnerships and collaborations to help you improve your business model, reduce risks, acquire resources.


The two core objectives of most of our workshops are to deliver enterprise support in an enjoyable and accessible way, and secondly to get you out of the classroom to actually do business as soon as you are able to. This will be an interactive session where you will also have the chance to meet new people in a similar situation, providing an excellent networking opportunity.

No prior experience of business is required. Lunch/light refreshments will be provided.


This event is hosted by a third party as a ‘fringe’ event to the main Wandsworth Enterprise Month programme.