How to drive your business to the next level

345 Queenstown Road, London, SW11 8AE
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This masterclass is for established small business owners who have the ambitions to grow or improve their business but are currently frustrated with their progress, overwhelmed by the demands of running a busy business and juggling multiple priorities, and struggling to see the best way forward.

If this applies to you, in this event you will:

  • Clarify your purpose and vision for your business
  • Learn a powerful strategic planning process and create an effective strategy for your primary challenge area
  • Learn 7 focal points to raise your game and drive your business to the next level
  • Take part in business problem solving with other business leaders

The session will be hosted by Beverley Corson and Bryan Charter, partners at Engineering Business Growth Ltd., which helps business owners to clarify strategy, build momentum, maintain sustained progress and engineer growth so they can achieve their business and personal goals.

This event is hosted by a third party as a ‘fringe’ event to the main Wandsworth Enterprise Month programme.