Successful Dyslexic Entrepreneurs 2019

Wandsworth High St, SW18 2PP
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Are you dyslexic? Are you an out-of-the-box thinker? Have you thought about setting up your own enterprise?

Aspire2inspire Dyslexia CIC is a not for profit charitable organisation based in Wandsworth, bringing awareness of Dyslexia within the community and encouraging entrepreneurship amongst Dyslexics. We support dyslexic adults who want to return to education, self-employment and we also offer employability skills.



Dianne Greyson, Director, Equilibrium Mediation Consulting; and founder, Rise Conference & Ethnicity Pay Gap

Bob Dickinson, Director, Installation and Refurbishment Solutions Ltd (IRS)

Titi Solarin. Founder and director, Tailored Futures CIC; and UK Director, Centre for Youth Integrated Development CIC

Tom Mullings, owner, Battersea Market Community Cafe


Refreshments provided.

This event is hosted by a third party as a ‘fringe’ event to the main Wandsworth Enterprise Month programme.