Kay Suppamas

Kay Suppamas, 29, is a digital designer at Designers Guild and founder of Leafage, a start-up that specialises in running creative, fun terrarium (a glass vessel filled with miniature plants) workshops, where people get to create and take home their own portable mini-garden.

Kay realised the potential of ‘plant power’ after the tragic loss of her father in 2016, a successful businessman who was her biggest role model and source of inspiration. She set out on a path to find meaning and purpose in her life, and from the simplest of desires – to connect people and to inspire and cultivate a love of nature – Leafage was born. Having always had an ardent interest in the natural world, she decided to share her knowledge of plant design with others.

During Schools’ Week, Kay will share the challenges and joys of having a side hustle (making additional income while running a business), setting up and running a business, and how she’s used her creative transferable skills to do so.