Mike Smith

Mike Smith joined McDonald’s as an employee at the age of 19, whilst still at college. However, the unexpected death of his father meant he suddenly needed to step up to support the rest of his family. Mike gradually worked his way up the ladder to become a franchisee, acquiring his first restaurant in Mitcham in 2000; and had the honour of meeting Nelson Mandela when he worked for the restaurant chain in South Africa. Mike now owns and runs twelve restaurants across South London (including one in Balham), employing over 1,100 people.

Nearly 70% of McDonald’s restaurants are owned and operated by independent businessmen and women. Mike believes the success of his business is built on the success of his people, and is committed to seeing his own people grow within his business in the same way he did. During Wandsworth Enterprise Schools’ Week, Mike will be sharing his inspiring story of how he went from flipping burgers to becoming franchisee and multi-restaurant owner.